Animal Communication - Animals and the Afterlife

Exploring death and the afterlife from the animal's point of view using telepathic animal communication.

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    Claire's courses are life changing; the information she shares has  helped improve my bond with my animals, and helped me communicate with  my animals that have passed on - a gift that I'm sure every animal lover  who has lost an animal would so greatly cherish; this is the course to  sign up for.

    Holly Medlock

    This course was incredible for me. I first purchased this course along  with the beginner and intermediate communication courses because my  beautiful pet was diagnosed with a terminal illness. Animal  communication made that time a beautiful one for us. She went on much  longer than any vet expected and almost every single day during that  time was a good, quality, joy filled day full of love. Making sure she  had that meant the world to me. I am saddened to say that she did  recently pass and I turned to this course because I wanted to understand  her new life and build my relationship with her in her new form. This  has helped me so much in answering those questions that have come up for  me since she transitioned. Much like the two previous courses were  instrumental in our time together during her illness, this will be a  game changer for helping me keep that active loving relationship intact  and even stronger in her new form. Thank you so much, Claire, for  putting your heart into this gift for me and my LaLa in our journey  together.

    Sally N